Quick update !!

Hey !! I haven’t seen you in a while, I haven’t done a post since February, I need to fit in more time to do some for you ! This post is about a quick update on my life so far and what I have been doing recently, so, lets get started ! So my mum and I have just recently moved into our new house, in Ocean Grove ! It is so lovely, warm and modern, our new house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a double garage.

Also for this quick update post I have just recently found out that I have gotten into a great high school ! Yes, it is very exciting, and of course, I am really excited. Also I am in Grade 6 now and it has been really awesome. I went to Canberra Camp recently, it was fun, enjoyable and there was always something to do. We got to go to Parliament House, Old Parliament House, The War Memorial and heaps more, the meals were very enjoyable and it also a bonus being able to go with my friends ! Half way through the camp the homesick started kick in not just for me for a lot of other people, and we had to be comforted by our friends or the adult around us, of course there were some students where their parents came because they were teachers or aids or whatever reason. On the way up there is was a 10 hour trip including stops, we stopped at Glenrowan the home of Ned Kelly, Holbrook with the big ship and Gundagai the home of the Dog on the Tuckerbox !

So that is pretty much it for this quick update blog post but my next post will be about my birthday !


When is your birthday?

Have you been to Canberra, Australia before and when?

Have you been on a camp before, if you have, where?

*Please answer these questions in the comments*

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