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Coming home

Hello everyone. As you probably know I just got back from a holiday at Queensland. I have had a blast. I stayed at a holiday park named Treasure Island NMRA Holiday park. It was really big and had lots of space.

At the holiday park there was,
•Jumping pillow
and much more.

I went to Dreamworld and also went to the Big Brother house. Big Brother actually talked to us when we got in. I got to see Big Baby, the outside area and much, much more. When mum and I got to go to the outside area mum took a photo of me having a sad face on and I was in front of the evictions circle thingy.

Also in Dreamworld I went on a Rollercoaster and thank god there was hardly any people lining up so we got the second ride of the day! I went on the River Rapids and got soaked and also went on the Log Ride.

Then we went to the Madagascar part of Dreamworld and also got soaked because there was these life-size replacers of the Madagascar animals and they were plastic and whenever someone walk straight past them they would squirt water out of their mouths! Also at Madagascar I went into this place called The Mad Jungle Gym and there were little foam balls you could shoot out of plastic guns it was fun.

The Caravan Park was really big and mum let me hire a gokart for $10 per hour but I only got one hour on it but that’s okay. I also made a couple of friends named Charnee and Heidi.

I also went to WhiteWater World just next door to Dreamworld and I went on the biggest water slides there, the Water Fun Park and the Wave Pool.

On the way to the Gold Coast we flew Jetstar and my ears popped the whole way up and on the way back to Melbourne we flew Virgin, but unfortunately there was an hour delay. 🙁

Have you been to the Gold Coast before?
Have you been to Dreamworld or Whitewater World?
If you haven’t been to the Gold Coast before what would you picture it like?

My holiday coming up

Hello everyone, this fantastic post is going to be about my trip to,
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I am off to Queensland at the end of November, with my mum and Nana.
We are staying at this big caravan park called, Treasure Island. I have heard that all the water slides and pools are free to go in any time you want. We are going there for 5 days.

I am also going to Dreamworld and a place called SkyPass. I might go see the Big Brother house in Dreamworld. My mum got her and I a new suitcase to take my luggage in on the way and way back to and from Queensland. A couple of days before we leave I will be packing vigorously, and I will be counting down the days until we leave. My granddad and Nana gave Mum and I the tickets to go to Queensland, they also gave my Mum and I the tickets to go to Dreamworld and SkyPass.

Here is a photo of the sunrise in Queensland:

Image: ‘Sunrise 0356.JPG’

I hope you like that picture.

On Saturday the 10th/11/2012 I will be going shopping for new bikinis I hope to get red and white or pink and white ones I can’t wait!!

( After shopping for bikinis ) I have gotten peach coloured ones and black and white polka dots with a pink cotton line and a mini and I said mini pink, black and white polka dotted skirt.

Maybe the waterslides at Treasure Island Caravan Park will be open at like 6:00am so My Nana, Mum and I can go down there early.

On 9/11/2012 it was exactly 2 weeks until we go on holidays.

On late nights I might go to the beach for a walk along with my mum and nana, to just switch off, and calm us down.

Are you going on a holiday or have been on a holiday?
Are you planning to go on a holiday?
Have you been to Queensland before?
*Please answer these questions in the comments*